In 2011, the BMTC Group wanted to launch a new discount banner concept in the furniture industry. At the time, this market, operated by small local players, didn’t have a reputation for quality. BMTC hoped to change this perception by creating a new professional banner, offering new furniture at more than competitive prices. It was essential to gain rapid notoriety for the four stores located in Greater Montréal.


ECONOMAX&CO aimed at innovating, and the results spoke for themselves. Firstly, a strategy, offering, positioning, name and brand image had to be developed in order for this new entity to penetrate the market.

EconoMax came to be. With its trio of bright colours (red, yellow and white) ideal for retail sales, and its rock-bottom prices, the young player distinguished itself from the start thanks to its launch, promotional and advertising campaigns. ECONOMAX&CO had several local activations for the four original stores. Each of the markets benefited from a strategy that optimized geotargeted offensives and adapted content. In order to increase the brand’s reach, a transactional site was launched online with a shopping cart, financing and delivery service. Therefore, all Québecers who wanted to save money were able to take advantage of the EconoMax offering.

Over the years, ECONOMAX&CO has been agile and has foreseen the needs of the market. It has evolved and adapted to its realities by expanding its message, going from only one brand cornerstone to two, and this spring, adding a third to its communications.


In 5 years, the brand has gone from 4 to 11 stores.

52,000 Facebook likes .

18 television campaigns are created annually for the various brand promotions and events.

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