0.3Ml Hyaluron Pen Hyaluronic Acid Lip Filler-Hyaluron Pen K24

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0.3Ml Hyaluron Pen Hyaluronic Acid Lip Filler-Hyaluron Pen K24

0.3ML Hyaluron Pen Hyaluronic Acid Lip Filler, may be a needle-free device that shoots mucopolysaccharide within the lips.
Hyaluron Pen An intense amount of pressure – the pressure from the pen is robust enough to force the liquid mixture into the skin.
This technique is meant to be less abrasive than other procedures since there are not any needles involved.
The risk of bruising and swelling is extremely low also . It’s marketed as a pain-and-downtime-free thanks to get your lips finished half the value of normal lip injections.

Hyaluron Pen Benefits:

No needles
No injections
Hylauronic acid is an all natural substance already found inside the physical body
No chemicals put into your lips
Quick and minimal pain
Minimal recovery time needed after service
Hydrates the lips
Plumps the lips
Gives your lips a pleasant natural look, no bumping
Cheaper cost than regular lip fillers


We recommend 3 – 9 treatments counting on how full you’d like your lips to be. A mini consultation with everyone are going to be provided to debate what you would like your required lips to seem like. Some might want just the highest , sides, or both the highest and bottom, etc. Each person’s lips are different and that we are going to be ready to determine what percentage treatments you would like once we’ve the consultation.


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What is hyaluronic acid?:
Hyaluronic acid is really not an acid at all, it is a natural sugar found in the human body. It is also the most hydrating substance in the whole world and is the main structural element of connective tissue. 1 molecule of hyaluronic acid can hold 1000 times its weight in water. Its function is to attract water and keep skin hydrated, plump and youthful. As we age our bodies decrease the amount of Hyaluronic acid and collagen fibers resulting in loss of hydration and elasticity. This causes our skin to sag and wrinkles to form. By adding hyaluronic acid back into the skin we revive collagen and promote a plumper effect.

Hyaluronic acid is naturally created in the human body so it is impossible to have an allergic reaction.

We will numb the lips to form make sure the process is as painfree as possible, most say alittle pinch is basically all they feel. After the numbing we’ll begin the method that lasts about half-hour . After the treatment is over we’ll apply hylauronic acid round the lips to assist start the healing process. (very light swelling, bruising, and little bumps on penetration site can occur and are normal, subsiding after a couple of hours-3 days)

Treatments are often scheduled 3 – 4 weeks a neighborhood for the last treatment. this is often to make sure the lips are ready to heal properly and permit the design of the lips to process naturally. The more treatments you’ve got the larger your lips will look overtime. Results last anywhere from 3-6 months.

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