For over 55 years, Brault & Martineau has been a part of the Québec landscape when it comes to home comfort. In an industry where several players are trying to find a niche, BRAULT & MARTINEAU&CO created several LaPresse+ ads to promote loyalty and build expertise in the field.

When La Presse launched this new reading platform, BRAULT & MARTINEAU&CO chose to use designs that were effective, simple and easy for consumers. In addition to quickly optimizing the interactions available in the La Presse+ toolbox, the innovative interactions developed by BRAULT & MARTINEAU&CO served to enrich it. In fact, coding initially created for these ads is now offered to all La Presse+ advertisers. This expertise successfully changed the rules of the game in the industry, and forced all the players to evolve and focus more on creation in order to promote various retail sales offerings.