A complete playing field for large and small shoots. Creating video and radio content has been part of what we do for a long time. Opt for a turnkey video or audio solution, and provide your target audience with entertaining communication they’ll want to share.
Lights, camera, action!


Given that the human brain is programmed to understand visual content faster, it's not surprising that video makes up an increasingly large part of advertising campaigns—whatever the broadcast medium. Working in conjunction with the Creation department, the production team finds the best technologies to design the relevant video content it needs. An internal editing room allows for agility in completing and optimizing the developed images. During post-production, the TECHNICIANS-MAGICIANS&CO ensure that all elements come together to form a whole.

  • Motion design
  • Design and art direction
  • Story boards and scripts
  • 2D and 3D animation
  • Augmented reality
  • Casting calls
  • Video shoots
  • Sound recording
  • Video editing
  • Voice-over recording
  • Sound processing


Working with Conceptualization-Writing, the production team creates radio ads. It takes advantage of the lack of image to make concepts explode and use consumers’ imaginations to transport them, in the time of one radio spot, to a universe that belongs to that brand. It also produces sound that harmonizes voice, effects and music.

  • Radio ad design
  • Radio ad production
  • Jingle creation
  • Musical composition


Based on the principle that the brand has very little time to capture consumers’ attention, using motion video may be the ideal way to simplify a complex notion. From simple animation to large-scale productions, &CO delivers the message in the best format to meet established objectives.

  • Product rendering
  • Architectural rendering
  • Video projection, outdoor projection


Augmented reality is a perfect mix of the real world and real-time digital elements that provide the target audience with opportunities to interact, generally relying on a 3D environment. Conceiving an immersive experience by realistically combining virtual objects with a sequence of images. Creating and developing the application that will support the video on most smart devices.


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