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An innovative and scalable ecommerce site to enhance customer experience and optimize conversion rates.
Ameublements Tanguay has been a major player in the furniture industry in Québec City since 1961. More recently, the brand developed a transactional site, expanding its market to the rest of the province.


Close to quebecers since 1961, Tanguay is a lead retailer in furniture, appliances and electronics. Its super power ? Anticipating its consumers' needs. The brand was able to build a powerful e-commerce platform, allowing them not only to enter this new market, but to quickly lead it.


  1. Develop a structure capable of hosting one of Québec’s largest transactional sites with over 20,000 products.
  2. Build a highly complex platform with various internal systems, high security requirements and province-wide delivery capabilities.
  3. Develop a scalable structure able to meet both current needs and constantly adapt to new technological opportunities (monthly feature additions).
  4. Able to handle heavy traffic without losing sight of the objectives.


  1. After a thorough assessment of Tanguay’s needs, &CO proposed using the best tools in the industry to build an agile ecom interconnected ecosystem with real-time analytics.
  2. The architecture of the Tanguay site was pre-tested to maximize the customer experience in transactional mode. 
  3. This ecom platform, one of the most comprehensive currently in use, can:
    • Synchronize with Tanguay’s inventory system,
    • Apply for financing with real-time approval,
    • Track deliveries through the platform.
  4. Connections with a reputable financial institution were implemented via API to ensure the security of the site and transactions for both customers and Tanguay.
  5. Following the launch of the transactional site, a database specific to Tanguay was developed. CRM technology was then implemented, optimizing customer experiences and relationships, and providing the means to manage and personalize communications according to the banner and the type of customer.

« You are rockstars!»

– Steve Thiboutot, IT Director, Ameublements Tanguay


Through close collaboration, &CO has become an extension of Tanguay, working hand in hand on technology, communications, and digital marketing.

  1. Tanguay aims to develop sales through technology. As an agency, we accompany them in making marketing and technological decisions to review its growth objectives on these platforms and to optimize conversion.
  2. While Ameublements Tanguay is now well established in the digital arena, &CO is still working on developing new approaches to provide an enriched digital experience and an engaging transactional environment.
  3. Recently, this partnership led to the development of a data aggregator platform connected to a personalized dashboard with real-time visualization. The tool tracks sales by category and sub-category for both digital and physical (in-store) experiences as well as site and in-store performance.
  4. Basically, this tool compiles all the information required for an in-depth analysis of marketing activities.  CRM, CDP and more.

Thanks to our expertise and innovation, we were able to operationalize this service and offer Ameublements Tanguay decision-making capabilities based on the most accurate and relevant data available.


  1. A platform that attracts more than 1,000,000 unique visitors per month
  2. An increase in revenue of almost 1000%.
  3. Over 175,000 transactions (1 transaction every 3 seconds) per year and a steadily increasing conversion rate
  4. A platform now used by all Tanguay banners: Ameublements Tanguay, Signature Maurice Tanguay and Liquida Meubles
  5. CRM that manages close to 700,000 segmented customer profiles who regularly receive email and promotional programs
  6. A partnership that has lasted over a decade, and now includes the digital presence of the Maurice Tanguay Foundation