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Use culinary discoveries as a retention strategy
Ben & Florentine has been part of the breakfast and brunch landscape for a long time.
The brand operates in a highly competitive market where it manages to stand out and lead thanks to its diversified offer. The brief was to increase brand loyalty by putting forward its unique culinary experience.


Ben & Florentine is definitely on the rise in the morning dining industry. Customers are satisfied with the Ben & Florentine offering, but loyalty is hard to build. Despite its efforts, consumers find it difficult to differentiate between the many breakfast restaurants. To stand out, Ben & Florentine offers its consumers the chance to discover surprising new dishes.  Their new positioning "Surprise yourself!", led to developing and bringing to life of the brand personality.


  1. Create a brand universe that would result in consumers preferring Ben & Florentine.
  2. Increase traffic in restaurants.
  3. Position Ben & Florentine as a culinary innovative brand.


  1. Lunch/brunch is becoming increasingly trendy. According to Ipsos Five, « 42% of traditional lunches are eaten outside the morning ».
  2. Who are we talking to? At the time of the brief, Ben and Florentine's clients were mostly Generation Z and X (36-44 years old), while Millennials were under-represented, even though they particularly enjoy brunch.
  3. Our objective: to win the loyalty of the X-enials and convince Millennials. 
  4. The X-ennials are not very loyal to lunch restaurants, they like to discover new things. As the target group is mostly female for Ben & Florentine, they tend to brunch with their families, as couples or with friends.  Brunch is a zen moment of relaxation.    
  5. For Millennials, brunch is more than a meal, it is a social moment that allows them to forget the week and reconnect with people they love. They enjoy foodie lunches with nice presentations, a relaxed atmosphere where they can take their time.


  1. In partnership with Ben and Florentine, &CO devised a strategy based on surprising customers and their tastebuds. This included all the selling points: presentation, menu, comfort and atmosphere to position B&F as the best place for brunch.  
  2. Reasons to believe: Ben & Florentine is reinventing the perfect brunch/lunch.
  3. To build customer loyalty, we needed to develop a brand personality that would generate brand love. Key words: refreshing, exhilarating, friendly.
  4. We looked for the perfect tone and voice to improve brand recognition across the media platforms, and cast Marie Soleil Dion, a well-known, upbeat Québec celebrity in her mid-thirties.
  5. To increase the frequency of visits, we introduced limited-time menus, periodically proposing new, exciting dishes as an incentive to revisit Ben & Florentine.
  6. The media mix was designed to reach the targets by communicating a story throughout the customer journey.


  1. Once the brand identity was defined, the entire brand ecosystem needed to be on board, from the visuals on the menus, to the website design and UX as well as communications on all platforms including promotional and advertising campaigns.
Using the results from the media listening study, we opted for a media plan that set Ben & Florentine apart from the competition. The plan included a TV ad for awareness, radio spots to influence consideration in key moments and an integration to increase conversion.
  3. The limited time menu offers were promoted on radio, contests, stunts and points of sale animation, bringing to life the surprising and innovative aspects of the brand.
  4. Finally, to remind consumers to “Surprise yourself”, we developed an advertising platform where the campaigns could be rolled out over time.

Application of the strategy

  1. Until recently, the brand's communications revolved around food only and the photos presented traditional dishes.
  2. To support the « Reinvent the traditional lunch experience » talking point, we tackled the menu. Millennials are very influenced by presentation. They want to be impressed by both what’s on offer and how it looks. They also want variety on the menu.
  3. According to the motivator analysis, brunch is gaining popularity as a comfort activity. We recommended adding a human touch through studio and UGC photos.
  4. Next, we looked for an advertising platform that would allow us to communicate Ben & Florentine's variety of surprising culinary offers in a sustainable way over time by bringing their refreshing and friendly personality to life.
  5. A major creative integration in Big Brother Célébrités was developed by our media team during the pandemic, in order to keep the brand Top of Mind, but also to increase the discovery of the delivery and take out services.


  1. Working together since 2019
  2. 6 campaigns completed
  3. 2 TV ads, 4 radio campaigns
  4. Integration into the Big Brother tv show generating:
    1. 17M impressions including 7M among Millennials and Xennials
    2. Over 6 minutes of screen time in brand experience